Evaluation Of Exams

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In my opinion, I truly detest exams and I think they are unfair and the worst way to see the true ability of most students, or for that matter, anyone. Furthermore, you are probably thinking that exams are the most important thing in most places, like schools or universities. However, I beg to differ.
To start with, how many times have you stayed up countless nights and spent hours desperately trying to memorize a full textbook of History or English dates and facts, for only one exam, never to be used again? Do you agree that year’s worth of studying comes down to just a few questions?
Perhaps you have, like me and many others, have found yourself in a position where you have spent hours revising a certain topic that when you got to the ‘big’ exam, you realize only one short question was asked about that one topic you spent so long on, meaning and the rest of the paper is pretty much a guessing game.
Or maybe you have remembered the correct theory that needed to be applied for science just five minutes after your time ran out, meaning if you only had five more minutes, you could have got an A grade instead of that lousy B your parents looked down upon.
So, I am willing to bet that most of you have come across these scenarios and just wish that you could turn back the clock. Unfortunately, that would be impossible and so is attempting to keep your cool and not getting stressed with the amount of pressure on your shoulders. Most of my close friends get so worked up that once they enter the exam room, they struggle to use their full mental capacity due to the pressure of timed conditions.
Nevertheless, no matter how hard and long you revise, the exam is not a test on how bright you are,