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James L’Erario
Event/Lecture Reflection
RHA Meeting 11/10/14 Every Monday at 9:55, the Residence Hall Association for Davidson Hall meets in Davidson A on the Busch campus. I live in Davidson Hall A and I am the Davidson Hall A Representative. There are four separate halls on Davidson. To start off the meeting, we form a circle and the Davidson RHA President, Ronack, passes out a Hall Government Meeting Agenda paper slip. After everyone becomes situated and shows up, we start the meeting off with a question of the week. For this week, the question of the week was, “What would you have done differently over the past week?” We then go around the room to share each of our responses. For me, I would have started planning my essay sooner that I did. After the question of the week, we talked about what went well at our first program that we held, which was The Bonfire Bash that took place in the Davidson field. We all agreed that we had a good DJ, good food, good hot chocolate, and an overall good first event. Then we discussed what we could have improved upon during the program. Not many had responses but the president emphasized that most people needed to be on time for their shifts and not late, as time management is key. Next, we discussed the Big Pink event that is being held soon. This is a volleyball tournament for breast cancer. Then, we discussed ideas for our next program, and we came to a consensus that we should throw a de-stressing party before finals. My job is to