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Effective group work
This formative assessment item is designed to prepare you for the major assessment item in this course – the event concept plan. The focus of the Week 1/2 workshops will be strategies for effective group work and by Week 2 you will be divided into groups for the major assessment item. In groups you will then be required to set group work ground rules. Each student must complete this Group Contract (your answers for Part 1 can be the same). After this process you need to complete Part 2 individually. In Part 2 you need to reflect on, and record, what you believe is required to make your group work experience successful. In particular, what will you do to make sure your group successfully completes a quality Event Concept Plan on time? Each student must submit this document to your tutor in the Week 3 workshop. Only the individual effective group work reflection (page 6) will be assessed (5%).
Part 1 - Group Contract
The purpose of this document is to ensure that your group establishes agreed upon ground rules and goals for working on and completing the Event Concept Plan. Be specific in your responses – this contract is binding!

Remember: If you share your expectations with each other from the outset, you won’t have to be a ‘mind reader’ later on.

Our Group Contract
This team _________________________________ has established and agree upon the following policies and responsibilities.

Ground Rules
1. Other than in class when will we meet? (i.e. what time, how often)

2. On average, how long should our meeting be?

3. Where will our meetings take place?

4. When is it ok to miss a meeting?

5. How do we inform each other when we can’t be there or are running late? (i.e. how much notice, how will you communicate)

6. If someone does not attend, will decisions about the group work still be made?

7. How will we deal with lateness to meetings?

8. What does “on time” mean?

9. What will we do with mobile phone calls, text messaging, use of Facebook during meetings?

10. Can we bring food and drink to meetings?

11. How do we deal with members who don’t participate enough, participate too much or distract the group from its task?

12. How are we going to make decisions?

13. What will we do if a group member’s work doesn’t meet our standards?

Other agreed upon ground rules
List any other agreed upon ground rules

Our goals
As a group we aim to accomplish the following:
Our communication policy
Listed below are the preferred contact details of each group member:

Preferred contact details (email / mobile / landline, etc.)

As a group we commit to respond to all phone and email messages within ____________________ (hours / days).

If a group member does not respond to communicate sent to their preferred contact details within the above, agreed upon time frame, this will be interpreted in the following way:
Our termination policy
The following are grounds for “firing” a group member:

NOTE: No member will be terminated from a team within two weeks of the project due date. A student can only be terminated based on a vote by a majority of the