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The “summer of love and peace” festival has been produced in order to give young artists aged between 12 and 18 years old the possibility to show their flair in either art or music underlining the importance of living in peace loving each other. The festival also carries a message about the need to increase awareness towards the fact that we all need to look after the environment and that youngsters should be educated green wise. The event has been structured with stands throughout the park that will allow the artists to show themselves and their creations while different musicians will be performing on the stage to entertain visitors. Musicians and artists have been selected in order to suits a teenagers audience but that could also been appreciated by older people. Regarding sponsors the management have defined partnership with popular products among teenagers as well as environmental agencies that usually support festival such the “summer of love and peace”. Sponsors have made donations in order to meet marketing, equipment and other costs related to the preparation of the events including transport and lunch for the approximately 70 volunteers that will be working around the festival.

The weather is considered as a critical success factor because being the “summer of love and peace” a festival that will take place in Shoreditch Park a rainy day would not be helpful for people to walk around enjoying the music while browsing art works. Another critical success factor will be the ability of the proposed festival to attract the expected audience and in this regard the location around Brick Lane should offer sufficient guarantees in terms of room for exhibitions and activities as well as good transport links. Brick Lane is well known for its good art culture (Towerhamlets 2010) and this has been considered to be critical in the success of the festival.

The management is hopeful that this event will bring a positive outcome either for the young artists that need to show their talent trying to break in the market (Articlebase 2010) and a positive message for people about the importance of loving one another preserving the environment. The festival is also viewed as a way to strengthen the local community celebrating what makes that part of the city so special and unique.


The events first objective is to give young artists the possibility to show their talent and creations in a competitive environment. This is a realistic and achievable object that will be measured with the help of music and art scouts that will pick out the best performers.

The second main objective of the festival is to educate participants green wise, creating awareness and therefore environmentally friendly behaviours (futurecommunities 2009). The management believe that youngsters are “honestly disengaged” (futurecommunities 2009) toward the environment issues and conservation and thus the majority of the organisations that have been preferred to sponsor the festival are directly concerned with the environment. This objective is specific (projectsmart 2010) because it is entrenched in the festival theme and will be supported by stakeholders such the local council, residents, media and co-workers.


Services such as promotions will be carried out by the sponsors chosen to support the festival. There is not going to be any kind of fund raising as the festival is free of charge and focused on environment and young artists.


The management have identified different group of people that will be affected by the festival’s operations (Donaldson et al. 1995).

• Youngsters between 12 and 18 years hold interested in music, arts and dance.

They are stakeholders because they will be part of the festival which is entirely focused of this particular age range.

• Host organisations such as Local Council and Local Government

The local council will be