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• All participants must be active members of DECA with the current year’s dues on file with DECA Inc. prior to March 1 of the current school year.

• All participants must be housed at the assigned official conference hotel.

• All participants and written entries must be approved and authorized for entering competition by their state/provincial association through official competitive events registration forms.

• All participants and written entries must meet the specifications set forth for each activity.

• All participants must have participated in state/province, district and/or local competition.

• All entry forms and written entries must be submitted according to announced deadlines by the state/provincial advisor or designee.

• A participant may enter only one of the competitive events with a participatory component during the International DECA Conference.

• No additions or substitutions may be registered for competition after the deadline set forth by DECA Inc.

• A written entry may not be entered in more than one international conference competitive event during a given year.

• Once a written entry is entered in international conference competition, the identical content material may not be entered in international conference competition again.

• All participants must attend the briefing sessions scheduled for their competitive event during the international conference.

• Participants are required to follow the official DECA dress code, which requires that they wear an official DECA blazer during all phases of competition during which they come in contact with a judge or judges. This includes Virtual Business Challenge. Example: A DECA blazer is not required for testing but is required for all role-play and presentation situations. Professional dress is required during briefing and testing sessions.

• All written entries must include a signed copy of DECA’s Written Entry Statement of Assurances.

DECA’s competitive events provide recognition for competitors in a number of different areas. The following list describes the recognition provided for each competitive event.


PBM Principles of Business Management and Administration
PFN Principles of Finance
PHT Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
PMK Principles of Marketing

CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT . . . All competitors will receive a Certificate of Achievement recognizing the achievement necessary to qualify to participate in the International Career Development Conference.

CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE . . . Competitors scoring a combined total score of 70 or better on the comprehensive exam and interview score will earn a Certificate of Excellence.

MINI-AWARDS . . . The competitor with the highest score in each section of the preliminary events will receive a gold ribboned medallion. The highest ten individual scores on the comprehensive exam will also receive a gold ribboned medallion.

MINI-AWARDS . . . The competitor’s score for the comprehensive exam and the preliminary event will be added together. The top two scores in each section will be considered series finalists and receive the blue ribboned medallion.

GRAND AWARDS . . . The series finalists will compete in one final event. This score will be combined with the comprehensive exam and the total scores will be ranked. The top ten will be called to the stage with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places receiving trophies and all ten receiving red-white-blue ribboned medallions.

CASH AWARDS . . . Please consult the DECA GUIDE for cash awards and scholarship information.


BLTDM Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
BTDM Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making
FTDM Financial Services Team Decision Making