Evidence Based Instruction Essay

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Evidence-based instruction includes reliable and valuable data obtained from your classroom. When you apply basil tests, unit tests, exit slips, and acuity assessments you need to collect the data from your classroom to organize your classroom groups. You should also use this data to decide who needs AIS or tiered interventions for certain areas. Instructional practices include the previously mentioned assessments. Pretests for all units of instruction can also help you understand what your students already know and who is weak in certain areas. For example, a unit on main idea and details using passages can be difficult for some students. Running records will help to determine what reading level your students are on. From this …show more content…
The most important step for evidence based is to assess the progress of the students. The teachers must know the level of every student in the class. Every student has their own learning style based on their level. One important tool that teachers use to assess their students word is curriculum- based- instruction. “CMB is easy for teachers to be able to determine the effectiveness of the instruction. Curricular based instruction is based on assessments of mastery tests. For example a teacher will give quizzes based on the curriculum weekly or monthly. She is then able to get an overall understanding of where each student stands by graphing their progress. If a teacher notices that the grades of the students are decreasing, she knows that she must find a different evidenced based that will work.
The course that I found most helpful in regard to evidenced based instruction as Assessment. During my assessment class I learned about many different evidence based methods that could be used in the classroom. For example my professor had the class create sample quizzes based on the unit plan over 5 weeks. We were able to determine if the child was on the level that they should be based on their scores of the quizzes. We were also taught many different forms of assessment, which were also used in the class that I am currently taking. One of these evidence based tests was the Yopp- Singer- Test of Phoneme Segmentation. This test had the children sound