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Evidence for a Worldwide Flood
And what it means for us today
Although the thought of a worldwide flood that wiped out almost all plant and animal life on earth and then buried it in the rocks may seem incredible, that is exactly what Genesis and Psalms say happened,1 what Jesus and the apostles believed 2 and what the geological evidence supports. The Bible also talks about the “deeps” being broken up, and the earth divided or “spread out.” 3 This likely refers to the oceanic ridges being broken up and where the continents appear to have been split apart: perhaps in a short period of time.
Such a flood is also described in literature or legend in over 200 different civilizations from around the world; however, in this short paper we will focus only on the geological evidence that points to such an event and what it means for us today.
Worldwide Flood or Miracle?
The fact that many of the same types of fossils are found all over the world, in the same order, suggests that the whole world was once under water. We say this because water is required to deposit sedimentary rocks, and because rapid burial is required to preserve fossils, and because some of the layers are the size of Nevada, and because there is virtually no evidence of time (or erosion) between the layers, but rather they appear to have been laid down like pancakes: one on top of the other. And since many layers also contain marine fossils, they must have been the result of an intercontinental or worldwide flood.

Consider a quote by Curt Teichert published in a Bulletin of the Geological Society of America.
"Such a hypothesis would require... a highly unlikely pattern of… migrations, where swarms of species of Manticoceras are followed, everywhere at the same distance and the same time interval, by swarms of species of Cheiloceras, the two waves preserving their separate identities on a staggered mass migration around the world… without evolutionary changes and without ever becoming mixed..." 4

"It would be easy to repeat this investigation for almost every critical zone fossil… throughout the geological column for hundreds, perhaps thousands of... cases… In the words of Jeletsky… we would have to 'invoke a miracle'… to assume anything but worldwide contemporaneous deposition for each of the 55 ammonite zones of the Jurassic. Not all ... occur everywhere, but wherever two or more are found in superposition they occur in the same order. 4
Saltwater mollusks in the Black Sea: A Discover magazine article tells us that “Science… has found evidence for a massive deluge that may have inspired Noah’s tale.” 5 It involves sediment cores from the Black Sea. From it we learn that “…over the entire sea bottom was a…layer of sediment that could only have been deposited during a flood.” And “within that layer saltwater mollusks appear, all from the Mediterranean and all dating from around 7600 years ago.” 2

Since the Black Sea is a freshwater Sea that is surrounded by land, this means that at one time the Mediterranean must have been much higher than at present, and tells us that the Oceans of the world were higher as well.

Foraminifera from the Gulf of Mexico: In a 1977 article from Reader’s Digest 6 we learn about one-celled planktonic organisms called foraminifera, and how they “lock into their shells a chemical record of the temperature and salinity of the water,” and that “when they reproduce, the shells are discarded and drop to the bottom.” The article discusses drill cores of sediments that were taken from the Gulf of Mexico by two oceanographic vessels, and which indicated that “a dramatic change in salinity” occurred, “providing compelling evidence of a vast flood of fresh water into the Gulf of Mexico.” One of the Investigators said that: “There was no question that there was a flood and… no question that it was a universal flood.” 6 Emphasis Added

Upright Fossil Trees from Coal strata: Another evidence pointing to a worldwide flood is what