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volution is the constant development of biological species under the effect of the environment and genetics. Natural environments effects greatly the development of human beings, animals and plants, because it is generally known, that only the strongest, fastest and cleverest survive in this world. For example, animals which live in the North and possess black fur have very low chances to survive, that is why most animals, including polar bears, seals possess white fur and can easily hide on the white background of snow. The color of skin and fur is very important for survival, because it enables animals to hide, protect themselves or hunt being undetected.

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Moreover, evolution does not only influence appearance, but the qualities and abilities of biological species. For example, in order to survive, animals, birds, fish became very fast, possess extremely developed smell, eyesight and especially, their ear is very sensitive and hears a lot. Evolution is the process which lasts millions of years, species change constantly and gradually all the time; the process is active even now.

Evolution vs creationism is quite a controversial topic, because the theory is supported mostly by the scientists. Such organizations as church do not think the process of evolution really exists. They believe everything was created in a one day term by supernatural powers, like gods. A well-analyzed research paper on evolution should be informative and convincing. One has to improve his knowledge of the topic and then pay attention to the required case connected with evolution, study it collect data, analyze the topic and prove his point of view. The research paper on the topic is a profound research of the particular concrete case connected with the development of a certain specie. It is quite