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Evolution – Pros & Cons
Being that there is many debates whether the world, the creatures, and man are created by the process of evolution or creationism, neither as stuck out as one over the other. Neither theories are proved to be correct; there always is a flaw somewhere in the theory. There are many things that are for evolution, and many that are not. Such as fossils are for the theory of evolution, but for organisms to evolve they had to come from a single cell. How was that cell created?
Arguments for Evolution The theory of evolution is supported by scientist by the layers of fossils. As stated in the Bible that the Earth, animals, and plants where created in seven days. But fossils take millions of years to form. Fossils show individual species and in which time period they occurred, so not all animals and plants could not be created in just seven days? Also say a giraffe with a shorter neck is unable to reach the leaves on trees, it must evolve so it can reach and be able to survive in its environment. So through evolution giraffes are how they are today.

Arguments against Evolution Though fossils are a good argument for evolution, scientists are still unable to explain the lack of transitional fossils. When animals and plants shouldn’t there be proof of this? If there are fossils of organisms that are related that scientist claim have evolved, where is the fossils to prove evidence. Also, objects have to be created in order to evolve, so where did the first cell of these organisms come from in order for them to evolve? Scientist tend to avoid the question of which the first cell came from because they have no explanation. The theory of mutations also seems to fall apart when looked at, there is