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Libraries are places where the foundation of next generation is built. They are places where lots of activities like reading educational and recreational books, using internet for emailing, chatting with friends, small or large group meetings, social networking, copying and scanning documents, kids spent their vacation reading and playing games and many other are carried on.
But the author of this argument describes libraries as places with dusty books and tattered magazines. This is something not expected from someone who may have good exposure to libraries.
In addition the writer has lack information what libraries are, he/she has escaped so many questions that should be answered before jumping to handing over the library to a for-profit organization.
What is the evidence that libraries are out of way due to digital world? If so, how fast? The writer doesn’t answer this question rather he/she mentioned about the vote on library expansion for which 58% are in favor. That means more than half of the residents springfield city has supported the expansion. And with no evidence the writer is certain of the number of supporters of library expansion is declining. This is something that is hard to accept that the residents are against their library which is playing a big role for their kids and adults who are the future of the nation. The other question that can be raised is who is Infogenesys, how is it running the library? And more than that, what do the residents say about offering the library to for- profit company?
Without answering those questions the argument is weak and unjustifiable to accept handing over the big asset of the people to a for-profit company.

First of all, what are the functions of pets and for what purpose people are using them? If we clearly answer those questions, it will be easy to take our stand on the issue.
With no hesitation, dogs are very necessary for farmers with cattle for watching for them. And also for unsecured places, dogs are good for alerting. For places with rats causing damage to properties, cats are essential. And pets can be used for other purposes like identifying dangerous materials, sport activities.
If a person really sure for what purpose s/he is using the pets for, I’ll agree on having pets.
What I strongly disagree on is, having pets for nothing. I’m surprised on some people that wearing the pets with good clothes, taking them wherever they go, giving them to pet sitters, taking them to physical exams, spending a lot for their food and drinks.
Those people really do not have enough information what is going on in this world or they don’t care. There are places where people are dying due to poverty, where kids and mothers are dying due to lack of medical facility, where children can’t go school because the school they can go is tens of miles away and no transportation, where under aged kids are under slavery due to illegal human trafficking, people are dying due to war with dictator leadership.
I know that there are dogs which are starving and homeless. There are so many people too. I will give priority to people. If a system can be found which can be run by government or community for keeping homeless and suffering dogs at on place, it will save a lot rather spending individually.
If people are donating to non-profit organizations working on charity, it will play a big lifesaving role for the good future of our world rather spendthrift resources on pets.

For good things like new inventions, good governance,