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1. Within the context of my role as Acting Paper Production Manager within ABC AWARDING BODY, I have undertaken a review of my personal development needs.

These are shown below in the Skills Gap Analysis:

a) Skills gap analysis

Objective, responsibility or Key Performance Indicator
Skills required
Actual performance
Skills gaps – development needs
Manage set up & implementation of December 2011 paper production schedules for FIA exams.
Knowledge of paper production system & liaising with key internal departments & individuals
Often needed to ask for assistance in answer to queries from project team.
Technical -Increase knowledge of system & awareness of key individuals/departments in process. Personal skills – assertiveness to ensure included in project meetings & discussions.
Contribute to paper production related projects including attending project meetings & working cross-functionally
Communication, assertiveness & building effective working relationships.
Questioned own ability if unable to answer questions from project team.
To be more assertive & highlight the skills developed, knowledge gained & achievements. To be more confident in asking for assistance/guidance.
Manage team effectively to ensure timely & secure production of ABC AWARDING BODY’s portfolio of paper based examinations.
Experience of staff supervision, organisational skills - the ability to manage several jobs at once & time management to meet immoveable deadlines.
Deadlines met & staff are motivated but can have tendency to be emotional & unprofessional in pressurised situations.
To remain calm & professional under pressure to ensure team keep their focus. To lead more by example.
Maintain good relationships with internal & external suppliers & partners ensuring quality in the paper production process.
Interpersonal skills – communication & assertiveness.
Have developed effective working relationships but reluctance to ask for assistance until issue has increased significance.
Self-confidence – belief in own ability & assertiveness – to not be afraid to ask for guidance or clarification.

b) From the Skills Gap Analysis above, I have formulated a personal development plan (PDP) which identifies SMART development goals and the learning activities to be undertaken to achieve these goals. This can be found in Appendix 1.

c) The team I manage recently became part of the Qualifications department following an organisation restructure. The technical aspect of the personal development plan directly impacts on the objectives of the Qualifications department as part of our responsibility is to ensure that ABC AWARDING BODY offer relevant qualifications, meeting industry standards and continuously improving professional skills in accountancy. The recent decision to introduce a new suite of qualifications ensures that ABC AWARDING BODY can compete in this market place and the team I manage plays a significant role in the rollout of these new awards. My objectives, and those of the team, are cascaded from ABC AWARDING BODY strategy, through directorate and departmental plans to team goals.

The responsibilities of my role combine the technical aspects as well as the interpersonal skills identified in the skills gap analysis. I need to manage the team to ensure the secure and timely production of the ABC AWARDING BODY’s paper-based examinations which involves developing effective working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. At times, the environment can be challenging with strict, immovable deadlines and, therefore, a range of skills are required. I have identified those skills I need to develop further as a first line manager.

d) In order for the plan to be effective, it must be reviewed regularly. Within ABC AWARDING BODY, formal performance reviews are carried out each quarter with the relevant line manager on a one to one basis. This provides a forum for discussing achievements over the last quarter, current performance and how