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Research Method-Pastyear
1._____ is the application of the scientific method in searching for the truth about business phenomena.
B.Application research.
C.Business research.

2.Which type of research tries to verify a theory or to learn more about a concept and is not intended to solve a particular business problem?
A.Performance-monitoring research.
B.Basic research.
C.Total quality management.
D.The scientific method.

3.Which of the following refers to the way researchers go about using knowledge and evidence to reach objective conclusions about the real world?
A.Qualitative method.
B.Quantitative method.
C.Scientific method.
D.Primary method. 4.Job satisfaction, which is an employees’s
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| Curb-stoning. | B. | Auspices bias. | C. | Sugging. | D. | Mere-measurement effect. |

28. A personal interview may be conducted in which of the following locations? A. | Respondent's home. | B. | Shopping malls. | C. | Telephone. | D. | All of the above. |
29. Barbara received a phone call asking her to participate in a survey. She told the interviewer that she was too busy and could not participate. This is an example of: A. | random sampling error | B. | administrative error | C. | nonresponse error | D. | interviewer error |

30. Interviews with respondents that take place in shopping malls are called ___. A. | pretesting | B. | mall intercept interviews | C. | the drop-off method of surveys | D. | mixed-mode surveys |

31. When an interviewer asks a respondent: "Why do you shop at TESCO?", this is an example of a(n) A. | structured question | B. | disguised question | C. | unstructured question | D. | curb-stone question |

32. When an interviewer unintentionally and mistakenly checks the wrong response on a checklist during an interview, this is an example of: A. | interviewer cheating | B. | auspices bias | C. | interviewer error | D. | social desirability bias |

33. Which of the following survey research methods is the most expensive? A. | Door-to-door personal interview. | B. | Mall intercept personal interview. | C. | Telephone interview. | D. | Mail survey. |

34. All of the