Examples Of Family History

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Family History Wherever and how one overcomes their adversity in a path to enduring a better life, one must never forget their own roots because it is their key to their own ancestral history. For this interview, I have chosen my mother, , who has endured a journey filled with many obstacles to coming to the United States as an immigrant from Fiji Islands. Fiji Islands is a third-world country; thus, it is a place where most of the people have limited opportunities to achieve academic excellence and become whatever they desire to be. My mother was born in Sigatoka, Fiji Islands. Suva is the capital of Fiji. She has 6 other siblings, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. When she was in her primary school years in the 1960’s, she used to walk barefoot on the streets for miles back and forth to school. Due to limited resources that her parents could provide her, she used to use a plastic bag as her backpack and her mother used to sew her clothes for school. Unlike the other girls at school, my mother was not blessed to be in a rich family, so there would be other girls at her school who would have better quality things than her. She used to go fishing with her other siblings so they can provide food for her family. When spending time with her sister’s, she went to the riverside with a bucket full of clothes so they can wash it over there. They use to have a big oblong type of wood by the river where they washed clothes. Also, during that time they did not have a T.V. set, so they used to go to their neighbor’s to watch movies. But, she didn’t let that get the best of her because my mother’s parents had ensured her food and hospitality and love. After being nurtured by her parents, she had married my father, he was from a wealthy family in Fiji Islands. My father is an auto mechanic. After both of them were married, my mother’s family members who were already living in the United States sponsored them into coming to the United States too. Luckily, they were approved and were excited to embark on a journey of many opportunities headed their way. When they came to the United States, they did have to overcome adversities such as living in San Francisco with a family relative in an apartment owned by Indian owners that consisted of a single room. My mother used to work at a hotel in order to get some money in her pockets, it for sure was not enough but it was just enough to buy the basic necessities and have some change in spare. After living in San Francisco for three years, my mother decided with my father to purchase a house and get on their own two feet and stop being dependent on others but still be thankful to her relatives for the