Examples Of Formal Lab Report

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Lab One Grading Sheet

Your grade is _______.

_______If this grade is 20/25 points or higher, please use the Lab Work Area to submit future assignments. Good job!
__ ___If this grade is less than 20/25 points, please make corrections to your report and resubmit for a regrade. Formal Lab Reports will be required where “Lab Report” is the required lab assignment until your instructor passes you on Formal Laboratory Report writing.

Abstract –
Background –
Purpose –
Hypothesis –
Procedure –
Results -
Discussion –
References -

Based on X below that applies -

Avoid using first person pronouns. The emphasis should be on the research and the report, not on the researcher. Use “This researcher…” and passive tenses to avoid using “I”, “me”, etc.Use Grammar-check to avoid grammar errors and awkward sentence structure. Use complete sentences. Spell check the report to avoid spelling and grammar errors.You are missing parts of your report. A formal report will include, in order, and labeled:
Background Information,
Procedure, explained well enough that some one else can repeat your study,
Results that includes both a summary table and a written description of the data in the table,
Discussion including statement about whether the data supported or refuted your hypothesis, why or why not, and your conclusions about your study’s validity, and
References.Abstract should be a summary of what you did and