Examples Of Media Bias

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TITLE CHANGE With modern technology, people are able to stay connected to everything from local news to global news in real time. Although this availability is a privilege, it also carries some responsibilities. For instance, two responsibilities of news media include managing bias and managing proportion of positive to negative content. However, I believe that the media portrays political bias as well as a disproportionate amount of negative media. Because every human is unique and has had different experiences, each individual sees the world through different perspectives. Because news outlets are run by people, they too demonstrate the human characteristic of perspective bias. This concept can be seen in the way that different outlets report different perspectives on a given event. For example, when evaluating topics surrounding Trump, outlets are shown to portray different assessments based on the majority …show more content…
One example of this is the coverage of terrorism in the news. Since September 12, 2001, in America, there have been 85 violent attacks conducted by violent extremists (Eddington 1). Of these 85 attacks, 27% were conducted by Islamist extremists and the remaining percent of attacks were conducted by right wing extremists (1). However, the news did not reflect this proportion accurately because attacks conducted by Islamist extremists had 449% more coverage than the latter (1). This example reflects an excess of negative media because outlets focused more on the violent acts conducted by those from another culture. Furthermore, they did not emphasize that a majority of acts of terrorism in America are domestic. Another effect of this type of negative media is that it breeds hate and prejudice against anyone from marginalized cultures. I believe outlets rely on this concept of fear-mongering since it stirs up these