Examples Of Rebellion In Animal Farm

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(Another Rebellion) The pigs on the farm nearly have won, but the animals have a plan against the pigs that is nearly unstoppable. It all started after seeing the pigs in the window and realized how alike they were to the humans. The animals thought to themselves that if they were able to escape the horrible ruling of Mr. Jones surely they could defeat Comrade Napoleon in a likewise manner. The hardest part of this elaborate plan would be convincing the animals that napoleon was wrong and that they could indeed survive without him. Many of the animals already knew that all of the things that Napoleon had done were wrong. They figured the best way to prove was to show the others the way the pigs had changed the rules. The rules had been set for a …show more content…
The larger animals tried stomping some of the pigs, just when they began to feel the battle would've been quite easy out of nowhere appeared four pigs with guns and shot out most of the dogs. Napoleon, while standing in the back witnessing it all, had been untouched as if through this whole epidemic, he had been forgotten. Even though he had been the main target all along. Finally Snowball emerged from the crowd and went straight towards Napoleon, with non stopping force and pushed him to the ground. Napoleon then got up along with snowball and they went back to battle, though Napoleon had the upper hand, since he was able to stand on his hind legs, but then finally Snowball had taken all over his rage and overcame the battle. He used every force his body could withstand and pushed Napoleon down and the only words he uttered at Napoleon’s mercy were “All animals are equal no matter the circumstances.” And then ripped Napoleon's throat out. Before he had the full effect of his actions he heard an enormous roar of a large crowd of animals. He knew then, that they had completed the