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Process Design Matrix and Summary
May 18, 2015
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Andres Carrillo

The process design matrix and executive summary will focus on the service that is provided by the Marriott hotels and the product, Baby Bullet blender. The executive summary will discuss the focal point of the Marriott, the personal- attention approach, and the scheduling of the employees of Marriott. The summary will also discuss the design focal point of the baby bullet blender, as well as the process management and the strategy behind the product.
Focal Point The focal point of the service provided by the Marriott hotel is the guests that stay at the hotel. There are two different reasons why guests stay at the Marriott hotel. The first reason is due to business related. 60% of the guests that stay at Marriott are on a business related trip. The second reason is due to family or personal vacations. 40% of the guests that stay at Marriott are on vacation with their family or a non- work related vacation.
Personal- Attention Approach When agents are providing service to their guests at Marriott hotel, most of it is done on a personal level with their full attention. For example, guests will call in and make reservations. When the representative is speaking with a guest on the phone or in- person, they should give the guest 100% of their attention. By showing the guest that they have their full attention that is providing the guest with 100% service.
Starting around November until around the end of February, Marriot does not have many guests. From around the beginning of March until October, Marriott is very busy with guests. When it comes to scheduling, management should make sure that there are enough employees that are on staff to provide the best service to the customers as possible. The worst thing that could happen is that there would not be enough staff to provide the guests with the best service, which can cause problems, such as the guests feeling ignored if a problem arises.
Design Focal Point The focal point of the baby bullet blender is the customer. The blender is used for babies who are allergic to the jarred baby food that is purchased from the grocery store or because parents prefer to make the baby food fresh. 55% of the babies under the age of one year old eat homemade baby food made from the baby bullet blender. The other 45% eat the jarred baby food purchased from the grocery store.
Process Performance The baby bullet blender first appeared in stores, such as Walmart and Target, in the fall of 2011. Over the last four years, from what I have read about, there have been less than a dozen defects with the blender. One of the issues with the baby bullet blender are the accessories that come with it .The manufacturer has said that the all pieces, but the blade, are