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1. List and discuss four problems in Labor & Workplace conditions
The four main problems in Labor & Workplace conditions in eight countries such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, and Sri Lanka seem to be underpayment of minimum wages, underpay for overtime work, unsafe and unhealthy work conditions, and wage discrimination. In Brazil, the primary problems in the manufacturing workplace are forced labor, inadequate occupational safety (work accidents are common in several industries), and wage discrimination. Wages paid to females are 54% to 64% of those paid to males. In China, factories are more prone to ignore minimum wage requirements(working children under age), underpay for overtime work, subject workers to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions, and suppress worker attempts to join independent unions. South Africa is proven to pay their women less. Most of these countries portray 1 if not more of these problems in Labor & Workplace conditions.

2. List and discuss four strategies used to deliberately deceive plant inspectors.
The four strategies used to deliberately deceive plant inspectors are maintain two sets of books. Factories generate a set of bogus payroll records and time sheets to show audit teams that their workers were correctly paid and received the proper overtime pay. The second strategy used to deceive plant inspectors is hiding the use of underage workers and unsafe work practices. Factories in China, parts of Africa, and other countries disguise this by falsifying the personnel records of underage employees or getting the underage employees off the premises when the audit teams arrive. They also put these young employees in concealed back rooms. The third strategy used to deceive plant inspectors is meeting requirements by secretly shifting production to subcontractors. These subcontractors fail to observe pay standards, skirted worker safety procedures, and engaged in abuses of various kinds. The fourth strategy used to deceive plant inspectors is coaching managers and employees on answering questions posed by audit team members. Both managers and workers were tutored on what to tell inspectors in they were to be interviewed. Scripting responses about wages training, pay, and procedures was a common tactic for preventing what inspectors could leave from interviews.

3. Describe Wal-Mart’s factory auditing methodology.
Wal-Mart’s factory audit methodology consists of opening meeting, factory tour, worker interviews, factory documentation review, closing meeting, factory ratings, and use of outside auditors. Opening meeting consists of 1 confirmation