Explain The Range Of Provision Available To Support Children's Needs

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Show understanding of the range of provision available to support children’s needs.
It is important that children and their respective families receive the appropriate help when there is a safeguarding concern arises. If the situation is detected at an early stage, it will be more effective in providing effective help that will result in a successful care for the children and families all together. Without the cooperation of different agencies, it would be difficult to make assessment individually without the knowledge of other factors involved and this would delay the vital early care that the child needs as stipulated under section 10 of the Children Act, that the local authority have the responsibility to promotes inter-agency cooperation to make sure the welfare of children is met (Legislation UK, Children Act 2004). Local agencies are responsible for accommodating individual children and families with problems and those whose needs are not met adequately before. Early identification and assessment by professional are vital for providing services to adults with children so they can have the appropriated provisions given o support them.
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The guidelines are in place to ensure that employers are held responsible to the action taken by their employees. Employers should therefore employ staff who are competent, confidence and be child-centred at all time. The role of multiagency involved in safeguarding is expressed by Lord Laming in the Victoria Climbie report. ‘The support and protection of children cannot be achieved by a single agency. Every service must play its part. All staff must have placed upon them the clear expectation that their primary responsibility is to the child and his or her family’, (Lord Laming,