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Expository essay
Resilience is the capability to bounce back after difficult and challenging experiences. Resilience is an admirable quality to have because it helps with positive outcomes in life and makes people emotionally stronger. Resilience is shown in many different ways whether it be in your life, around the world or in a book or film.
When faced with traumatic situations it is easier to simply give up however it’s the people who fight that demonstrate resilience. I believe that Bethany Hamilton shows the quality resilience immensely throughout her surfing career. When Bethany was 13 years of age she was attacked by a 14 foot tiger shark and lost her arm. It had the potential to destroy her surfing career forever but it was something she wanted to do she was determined. With the hard work and determination Bethany showed, she went on and became a professional surfer, she looked up to by many children, adults and surfers all around the world for being the resilient person she is.
In the novel tomorrow when the war began the 7 characters show that they have resilience. They show this quality because there family and friends all have the potential to die, they have no idea what’s going to happen to them or their families and there what they thought was a safe environment “there home” has been invaded. They have to show a great deal of resilience during a short time. They show this is their inner strength by acting as if nothing’s wrong and looking after themselves. If I was to choose one specific event from the book that showed a great deal of resilience “bouncing back” In the middle of the novel when ellie blew up the lawn mower and potentially killed people to save the lives of her friends, She felt ashamed of her actions but in saying that she bounced back and continued what had to be done for her, Werriwee and her friends.
It’s tough times in life when people show resilience. I believe that those who live in terrible circumstances of poverty show a great deal of survival. There living in terrible conditions and they still manage to have a smile on their face every day. They have to walk miles to get unsanitary water for their families. They get a tiny bowl of rice every day (nothing else). People can be so ungrateful when it comes to little things, for example kids at Dromana secondary college complain about not having a computer that works or about the teachers not being the best, or even going to school. Kids over there don’t even go to school and get an education. Even tho they live in poverty and don’t have half the things we are ungrateful for they still manage to be happy.
In the text peeling the onion the man character Anna shows a