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Waking up at sunrise, being caged in for seven hours a day and having to repeat these steps five days a week for ten months. This is the image our generation of children have on the learning environment we call school. Many children these days fail to perceive the positive impact education will have on us. They do not realize later in life having a keen sense of knowledge, networking skills and experiences to reflect back on will help them to succeed. Making school a number one priority will give a positive effect in the long run. To begin with, high school experiences will prepare you for the future. By attending school and making it essential there are many positive events you may encounter. For example an opportunity such as work experience would help you adapt to the upcoming events in life. On the other hand school is not all sunshine and rainbows, there are many downfalls but you have space to learn from the mistake. For instance you fail a class, but now having the experience of failure you acquire the ability to anticipate if it is prone to happen again and you will be able to improve . Even though satisfactory and unsatisfactory experiences are different they both may result in street smarts. Street smarts are a trait that helps one cope with the everyday person or situation and acquiring this trait is essential due to the fact it equips you to brace yourself with what the future holds. All in all school will indubitably help you to achieve book smarts but in some ways you will also posses the traits you need to survive in the real world. Further more, by making an effort on school your networking and relationship skills will improve. Building a professional relationship in school will open up new opportunities. For example, getting a job which is only obtainable through recommendation is much more accessible because you have the reference from someone such as a teacher. Also getting accepted into post secondary is highly difficult but with the appropriate networking skills you receive from school it becomes more facile. Lastly, when working or studying at a higher level, relationship and networking skills are vital characteristics to posses. At this professional stage of life connections to the right people could help you to exceed expectations in the work and school environment. By having” a people skill which many say is to understand ourselves and moderating our responses will push you further ahead in life. In addition, later in life having a keen sense of knowledge you inherit from school is beneficial. For instance, when needing to make a considerable decision having particular