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The facebook page that I chose to critique is Stop Bullying: Speak Up (https://www.facebook.com/stopbullyingspeakup). I will be using the standard of effectiveness to critique this page. I chose this page because I know that bullying is something that affects more than 160,000 students per day and is a nationwide problem. Many teens don’t know what to do or who to turn to when they are being bullied. Children cannot escape the school yard, the change room, or the cafeteria. Sometimes, victims do not survive the torture and humiliation of bullying. In most situations, victims do survive, but carry their emotional scars for a lifetime. Most children are bullied threw most of their years of schooling but eventually they learn to avoid the bullies and this puts a toll on them socially and emotionally. This facebook page seems to succeed in meeting its purpose. It has a positive outlook for children being bullied everywhere and seems to bring a sense of awareness to children in schools everywhere and while bullying while probably forever be a problem for many years to come, it still helps students to know that someone cares. One thing that stood out to me the most is that this organization is funded and sponsored by cartoon network, which most children are familiar with and watch daily. To me I think it’s important to know that cartoon network not only shows many of children’s favorite cartoons but also goes into schools and show that they care about the mental abuse of children. They not only go into schools but they make sure to air programs on their station to make sure that they are reaching out to children as much as they possibly can. One show that they make sure to promote is called The Bully Effect which is a special presentation about the good that can happen when someone speaks up. This is important because a lot of people especially children are unfamiliar with the bystander effect which basically state that people are less likely to do the right thing when there are other people around. However, when one person speaks up it sometimes will give courage to other people to do the right thing. Of course most children will not this in fear of the bullying being redirected toward them however I feel that this page shows them that it’s okay to do the right thing for someone and it could sometimes have good feedback and encourage other people to want to do the right thing as well.
A big thing that they do is online competitions where children can record of video to show how teens and adults and working together to in schools to help stop bullying. This is something that I think is very positive because what child wouldn’t want to be featured on cartoon networks networking page and possibly more than…