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Marilyn Monroe
America enjoyed laughing at all the movies that Marilyn Monroe played in, but they cried when they found out that she died at a young age. It was a tragedy that a lot of Americans still won't accept the fact that she is gone. Marilyn Monroe is famous because she is still one of the most compelling and tragic figures today.
Marilyn Monroe’s childhood has affected who she became as an adult. Monroe was born June 1, 1926, in the Los Angeles General Hospital at nine thirty in the morning. Marilyn wasn’t always known as Marilyn Monroe, she was also known as Norma Jeane Baker. “In her youth, she was sometimes known as Norma Jeane Baker. From the age of twenty, she was Marilyn Monroe, but she declined to make that her legal name until seven years before her death (Spoto 14).” Marilyn’s mother had to be hospitalized for a mental condition when her daughter was very young and she was shuttled around to dozen foster families as accounts of her childhood. “When she was sixteen, Monroe learned that her current foster family had to leave California (ABC-CLIO.com).”
Marilyn Monroe got married at the age of sixteen to a U.S. Merchant Marine; however, their marriage did not last past the end of World War 11. Monroe got a few jobs to get extra money. She worked as a parachute inspector and an aircraft paint sprayer. “The first job Monroe go that capitalized on her looks was a photographer’s model, which she started after attending a local charm school at another photographer’s suggestion” (ABC-CLIO.com). By 1946, she had appeared on several covers of men’s magazines and also was later admitted to posing for a calendar of nudes in 1949 to help pay the rent. By 1952, several of the top film critics described Marilyn Monroe as the “most promising actress” and the “most popular actress.” “At the end of 1953, she had earned more money for twentieth century-fox than any other Hollywood star had earned for their studios (ABC-CLIO.com).” “The breakup of her 1953 marriage to the baseball star Joe Dimaggio after nine months only made matter worse.” “She left Hollywood for New York to attend the Actors Studio” (ABC-CLIO.com). She had married her third husband, Arthur Miller, prior to its release, and immediately afterward, the couple flew to London to start filming of The Prince and the Show Girl. “For the next two years, Monroe lived quietly in New York and Connecticut with Miller and did not try to parlay her new success as a serious actress into other roles, although she did continue to study at the Actors Studio” (ABC-CLIO.com). At this point, Marilyn had already been plagued for years by an obsessive perfectionism, which made her began to worry about her future as an actress. “Marilyn Monroe died at an early age in 1962, she barely thirty-six.
Marilyn Monroe may be America’s favorite actress and model, but she has quite a bad side. Her marriage was at the age sixteen she was involved in the drugs and alcohol abuse at a very young