Factors Impacting the Growth of Agriculture Essay

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One face of agriculture that we see scattered throughout the new today is that of genetically modified foods.This has an impact on many different aspects of the agriculture world. From the seed dealer, to the farmer that buy the seed, to be elevator that the farmer sell to; all the effected by new technologies that are involved in this part of production agriculture. The one way of changes are by modernization, in early agriculture, cultivation of crops in notable grains such as wheat, rice, corn, rye, burely, and millet. And also that early agriculture didn’t add any hormones to their animals and use pesticide to kill germs and bugs. During the modern agriculture, new aspects to agriculture policies organized according to industrial man agement techniques can more efficiently and economically adapt to new and improving technology. Agriculture is still the occupation of almost 50% of the world’s population.

The second way of effects the agriculture is by science, basic science and applied science are working to together. The reason of why they should work together is that basic science tell us how everything is made up of applied science is about modern world. Basic research is used to explore the fundamental bases for behavior, without regard to how those bases would. Applied research aims to address and answer real­world problem. It is clearly that applied science can’t take place if basic science is not present. Applied…