Fahrenheit 451 Technology Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 Technology

“Denham’s Dentifrice” The technology in Fahrenheit 451 is not far off from technology today. I will be talking about 2 similar examples of technology in the piece that relates to technology today as well as the possible consequences of thecnology in our society. The thimble radio used by Montag and Faber to keep in communication is a lot like the modern day Bluetooth and the cell phone. One of the reasons it is like these two devices is because it is used wirelessly, so it can be used from anywhere near or far “Montag!” The voice was in Montag’s head. “I hear you!” The old man laughed “you’re coming over fine too!” A reason it is the same as the Bluetooth is because it fits perfectly in your ear like headphones, so you can hear the other person speak. The final reason it is the same is because it is used for voice to voice communication. Therefore being able to communicate from anywhere with the thimble is why it is a lot like the modern day Bluetooth and cell phone.

Being able to watch TV on top of being able to have video communications with other people is why the Parlor Walls are very similar if not exactly like the Smart TVs we see today. The parlor Walls can be used to watch television with tons of channels to choose from is the equivalent of the satellite in today’s technology. Not only can the walls be used to watch TV they can also be used for video communication with other people like friends or family. Although it is not Skype the concept behind it is identical to the program that we use now. On top of all that the size of the walls are almost similar to the size smart and regular TVs can be now. TVs now can reach up to eighty inches. Therefore being able to watch TV while video chatting makes the Parlor Walls exactly like Smart TVs.

Technology has some possible consequences in our society. The developments in our technology such as the internet have led to the decline of “normal” social behaviours. There wasa time you could go outside and see all the people you know and communicate that way. Now you don’t even have to take a step out the door to talk to friends and family. You could go to the theatres and see a movie with some friends. Now you don’t even have to get up get ready and head out to the theatres to watch that moie and you can still watch it with friemds. Cyber bullying is