The Role Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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In the book “Fahrenheit 451” the people live in a technology based society. They rely on technology for their entertainment, education, and safety. While reading the novel the reader gets a look into Guy Montag’s thoughts as he struggles with what he thinks is right and what the rest of the world thinks is wrong. In “Fahrenheit 451” the world is ran by technology. For example, at the fire station montag worked as a fireman for, there was a mechanical hound in replacement of a fire station dog. There were also tv panels known as “parlors’ people payed to have installed into their homes as a source of entertainment. Mildred, her friends, and people all over the world spent hours of their time watching the programs displayed by the parlors. Mildred, …show more content…
People all over the world rely on their phones, computer, tablets, etc. to get through the day. Although there are good benefits to the new advancements, there are downfalls too. We lose brain cells every day due to the screens we can't seem to take our eyes away from. Bradbury’s fear of the world replacing reading by technology is very realistic. Many people don't even own paper or hardback copies anymore, for they are accessible on phones and tablets.
Books are not nearly as appreciated as they should be in today's society. People don’t care to sit down, and get lost in a good book anymore. They’re so consumed in which celebrity is doing what, what styles are in and which ones are out, if their favorite show is recording, etc. Most people would rather stare at a screen for hours than actually work their brain and read a book. There's a huge difference between watching tv and reading. While watching tv you're given the audio and scenery, but when reading your able to use your imagination and create what you like with the story you're