Family and 5-year Old Maya Essay examples

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“Come and eat, Maya”, said Maya’s mother, Blaire. Maya put down her color pencils and walked over to the table.
“I made you macaroni and cheese today, and here is a big glass of milk”, Blaire said.
“Thank you mommy”, Maya said sweetly. After Maya finished eating her macaroni, her mother informed her that her and her husband, Aiden, will have to leave her with the nanny tonight.
“Why can’t Annie come? ” asked Maya.
Blaire explained to her daughter, “Annie has a lot of work to do, so tonight you will stay with the nanny, okay?”
“When will you come home?” Maya asked her mother.
“By the time your father and I get home, you will be asleep. Now I am going to go call the nanny because I’ll need to head out soon.” Blaire said.
When the nanny arrived, Aiden and Blaire gave Maya a kiss goodbye and headed out for the night. After hours of entertaining 5-year old Maya, the nanny was exhausted and ready to leave. She checked her watch and it was already 9:30, and Blaire and Aiden still hadn’t arrived. The nanny decided to go watch a little TV while Maya slept. The nanny dosed off while watching TV and was startlingly awakened by the phone ringing loudly. The nanny looked at her watch—it was 11:30! Maya’s parents were supposed to be home at 9:00. She ran to pick up the phone. It was the police. Maya’s parents got in a car accident while on their way home. Maya’s father died on impact, and her mother died on the way to the hospital. The nanny asked the police what to do about Maya, and the police asked if she could stay with her, at least for tonight until they can find any family of Maya’s. The next morning, Maya was wondering where her parents were.
“Mommy, daddy, hello?” Maya screamed as loud as she could.
“Sweetie, come downstairs and let me cook you some breakfast”, the nanny said calmly. Maya constantly asked where her parents were, and the nanny didn’t know what to tell her, so she decided to just say that they were out for some work. After breakfast, Maya went to go play and that is when an intense conversation between the