Essay about Family and Good Times

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I went over to my grandparents one weekend; they live out in the country in Lynn Center, Illinois. They own a lot of land, mostly wooded area with an old wooden corncrib and a small pond. I’ve traveled in these woods and played in the corncrib as a kid numerous times. I would go with my cousins, sibling and sometimes my grandmother. She would teach us about the different bugs, trees, rocks, and animals we encountered along the way. Going back in the woods, I was overcome with a feeling of nostalgia. I remember the times we would get rides in my grandpa’s gator, try to climb the trees, chase after the grasshoppers or even just walk around and find new things. We used to have so much fun. Walking through the woods alone made me miss all the fun times I had as a child. As I child I was carefree, I knew who my friends were and I had no worries about trust and my relationships with others. Growing up, especially in high school I’ve began to question my friends, I have a whole lot more stress and things are definitely not as simple as they once used to be.

The woods were the same woods they used to be, the corncrib is exactly how we left it. Not much has changed, but the person walking through them definitely has. I can’t even remember the last time I walked through the woods, but I know one thing for sure that I have grown up and matured so much since then. While walking through the forest I began to think of all the ways I have changed and I realized a few things. Physically, obviously, my appearance has changed a lot, but emotionally I have changed a whole lot more. I