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In the middle of traffic in Gardena California, Samuel and his mother Susana sat in their car worn out after a hard day of work. Samuel dozed off in his thoughts thinking deeply how to tell his mother the bad news.
"How was work son?" asked Susana. "I want to talk to you about that mama." said Samuel in a frustrated tone. "Is something wrong son?" "Well.. I got laid off." Without hesitating she answered, “We’ll get through it." “How do you know?" “I don't but but it'll be fine." "Thank you mama you’re the best."
They finally arrived to their unpretentious home. It was a small but spacious welcoming house. It consisted of three bedrooms where Susana and her grandchild Elena shared a room. Samuel slept in his own as well as his eldest child David. The next morning the Cruz family ate breakfast. "How is everyone today?" asked Samuel. "Good." said Elena. "Fine son" said Susana. "David what about you?" asked Samuel. "Umm ok I guess" says David.
"Is something wrong?" "I don't feel so well." "Why?" "I’m just not in the mood for school." "What's wrong? You know you can't miss out on the few months of school." "Can I talk to you in private?" "Sure." They both walked over to David's room. Samuel sat on the bed and David nervously stood across from him. "The guys at school bully me… they call me names, I hate It." yelled David. "Well what do they say?" "Faggot, homo, maricon, and much more." "David don't let those words get to you, you know that they're just immature kids." "I know dad but words do hurt especially when you know they're true." "Son, how come you never said anything?"
"I was scared of rejection or any disapproval of the family." "There's no need to be scared, you know we will always be here for you no matter what, your my son and a good son."
"Thanks dad it's really comforting hearing that from you."
"You know we will always support you, family always comes first." David and Samuel came back into the dinning room to vend grandma speaking with a man they had never seen before. The mysterious man was dressed in an elaborate business suit. Susana called Samuel, "Samuel, this man here says he has a notice of eviction to inform us we have 12 dies to leave home."

"Good afternoon sir, I'm sorry to have come but I'm here to notify you that you must leave this house in two weeks. You haven't paid in past two months and your time is up."

"This is a very inconvenient time, I just lost my job! I promise I'll have the money by next week!"

"I'm sorry but this isn't up to me, I'm just here to notify you or else you'll be on the street without your belongings."

"Well who can I talk to! Do you know anything else?"

"No sir I don't all I was informed is you have 12 days too leave this house, goodbye."

The man walked out the door and closed it on his way out. Grandma and Samuel sat silently in bewilderment."

"Papa where we going to live now?" asked Elena.

"We might have to stay at a shelter for a while until we get enough money to go back home."

"Honey, I'll go to work and ask if they can give me a couple of extra hours"

"No mom I don't want you to over work yourself your not getting any younger."

"Son don't worry , Iv'e been working all my life and it's for our family."

"If you think you can hang on then fine but the minute you feel like it's too much work you can stop."

They finally arrived to the very humble and packed shelter where a man at the front desk attended them and directed them to their room. The room was clean small, and very modest it had one mattress lying in the corner and small ragged cabinet. Samuel and Susana just finished some paper work.

"Kids it's time for lunch come in." called out Samuel.

Elena rushes in from exploring the shelter and jumps right on the mattress.

"Elena! Get off ,