Family and Single Parent Families Essay

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John Reed
Professor Cuda
ENC 1101-0CH
23 September 2014
TR 10:50-12:05PM
Family Structures Family is a basic unit in every society. However, family structure is more complex considering all of the building blocks. There are many types of families, which makes it impossible to have one distinct definition. Some family structures include nuclear families, and single parent families. Parents deal with many challenges. Melissa Mayntz, “definition of family in its most basic term: “Family is a group of individuals who share a legal or genetic bond.” With experience, family is not perfect, for an example parents are left to raise their children alone without any help. The core of a family is the father, the mother and their children. 80% believe that one must be a part of a nuclear family to raise a child properly. As Mary-Louise Parker quotes, “I don't think you necessarily have to be part of a traditional nuclear family to be a good mother.” This quote, for the most part, is true. Many start out as a nuclear family then later separate, divorce, or decease. That could be more stressful than living alone. Who would not want to be a part of an American family, right? Some parents are more comfortable living alone because it could be more stressful when the parents live together. It is all about being proactive in your children’s life, whether you are single, separated, or divorced. No challenge is greater than the next. Everyone struggles, but no family is perfect.
Nuclear families try to stay strong for the other but, have great deal of stress build up. It becomes very stressful, sometimes-different types of stress could lead to suicide, death/killing of the spouses and in some cases the innocent children. . A few months ago, there was an article where the husband shot and killed his wife right in front of their children before later turning the gun on himself at his son’s grave. The article is on Wesh 2 News, “Man Accused of Killing wife, found dead on son’s grave.” No family is perfect, we all face troubles and make mistakes. With the help of both working parents, their kids could engage in more activities. That is also good for helping your child develop confidence and self-esteem. When both parents are interacting, the child develops stability and consistency. Both mother and father need to be more actively involved in their kid’s life. Parents are children greatest heroes.
Singles mothers are some of the world’s strongest women. Being a single mother of many children is a challenge. Greg Wise quoted in a contradictory to, Mary-Louise Parkers quote “Any woman knows that it takes two people to be a good parent.” Do not quite agree with Greg Wise. The quote was insensitive and hurtful. Being a single mom is extremely stressful. There is no extra money available to do activities that require funds. Free community events were most favorite. The son will start to following his dads footsteps during teen years. It adds an extra burden on the single parent when the child/children start adding on the extra stress. In and out of the jail system, teenage daughters becoming pregnant, the younger siblings are acting out at school, teenagers’ starts to back talk the parent. Those types of stress cause the newer generation to believe. Absent parent has a huge effect on a child’s life. The mother has to start missing work to help their child raise a child, attending court dates for the child that is in and out of the judicial system. Parent absence from work, causes her to lose her job. Most parents turn to welfare when they lose their jobs, thinking, “Who would hire someone they can not reply on,” so they give up. More than anything, we love our kids and we make the best out of what we do have. Kids that come from single parent families appreciate the value of what they have.
"Single Parents do not typically have the luxury of dividing tasks between two adults in the home." “Married parents have that option to