Family Assessment

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Family Assessment A family is a multidimensional system with unique structures, functions, and processes. The term family is subjective data that is defined by the family. Health and illness affects both the individual and family. Therefore it is important for nurses to consider families as a basic unit of care. This perception ensures that nurses meet the needs of both the individual and family members. Nurses should also consider that families vary in structure, function, processes, and roles.
Thus it is essential for nurses to be able to accurately complete a full family assessment. This assessment ensures that nurses deliver care that is safe, holistic, and unique to each family system (105). The information from the assessment
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The roles of this family have changed since J.S. has been in the hospital. J.S. now has a sick role in which he is temporarily unable to carry out his socialization role and role as a grandparent. The patient and his wife are now grandparents and their provider role has been appointed to the oldest son. The wife is the primary housekeeper in the patient’s home. There is role strain because the wife can no longer fulfill her role as housekeeper since she has been in the hospital with her husband. The oldest son has to now take on this task and fulfill his mother’s role as housekeeper. He also has role overload because he now has to play the role of housekeeper in addition to being a caregiver, a father, and a provider. It also promotes role conflict when he has to drive his father to doctor appointments and also pick up his children from …show more content…
The data collected during this family assessment identified the main concerns and needs for this family. The family was able to express their concern for the father’s health and complications of this fall. This information guides the nurse in educating the patient. Overall the family has effective communication and is at an appropriate development level. It seems that this family has a good relationship with one another and are willing to participate in each other’s care. This is important to know because it implies that the patient will have a safe living arrangement and sufficient care after