Essay on Family Health Assessment

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February 13, 2015

America having been a very welcoming nation with welcoming people continues to experience immigrants from other parts of the world in search of better living standards and employment opportunities, hence has a high growing population with diverse cultures .This writer is a new immigrant from Africa .For that reason it is important for nurses to learn the health practices from different group of people to familiarize themselves with differing cultures. This writer did a health heritage assessment on two other different families .This heritage assessment tool was very helpful to this writer in getting
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Health restoration in this group is a mixture of modern medicine with traditional healing practices. Their belief is that health or wellness is due to balancing between soul body and mind an therefore illness is seen as the imbalance of the same. Health is restored through modern treatments in use of medicines and surgical procedures, use of physical therapies and occupational therapy. .In diet,use of black pepper, licorice and other spices is also taken as a source of treatment.(culture-sensitive health care, n.d)
Thirdly, in this family health protection is of importance to them, and mainly the Hindu diet is highly regarded and used as a means of protecting their health .Spices are greatly used and herbs and thought to cure and protect certain diseases .Some herbs like ,Kolcum and Coleus are used to prevent obesity ,gymnema is used as antioxidants , Himalaya is used to prevent ovarian cancer and Olibanum is used as antiarthritic and antihyperlipid .This family also uses modern ways of health protection like use of vaccines against influenza annually and childhood