Family Case Study: Alyssa

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Case Study Report
I had the opportunity of observing a full of energy little girl named Alyssa. Alyssa is six years old and she is the younger of two siblings. She is very affectionate towards her brother and her aunt. I had never met Alyssa or her parents until I had the opportunity of making this case study. I have known her aunt for two years now; she was the person who takes care of Alyssa after school. Alyssa parents are married, but they both work and have a very tight schedule, that is why her aunt picks her and her brother after school. Alyssa comes from a very religious Hispanic family. She never misses church and also attends Sunday school where her aunt teaches. Alyssa is right handed; she has long, straight, brown
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She has brown skin and big brown eyes. Her weight is approximately forty-eight pounds and her height is about forty-fife inches. She meets the requirements of height and weight for her age (citation of graph.) during my observation at the playground; she demonstrated a variety of Gross Motor Skills. Alyssa demonstrated walking everywhere she wanted to go. She had no problem walking and she had good equilibrium, at any moment she showed discomfort walking from a point to another. Alyssa was full of energy at the playground and she could not stop running around. She would run up and down with no difficulties. She kept her equilibrium at all times, and she did not fall. Alyssa liked to run in opposite direction of the slide. She would also climb and sit on the slide and watch all the kids. She run almost all of the time I was observing her at the playground. She jump several times and she demonstrated that jumping was an easy task for her. She would jump every stair until she was at the top of the slide. I was able to capture some Fine Motor Skills when I was with her. The first one was when I observed her in Chick-Fil-A. She ordered an ice cream cone. Instead of leaking the ice cream, she used a spoon to eat it. She had no problem sustaining the spoon while eating. She ate her ice cream without making any mess on the table and also without staining her clothes. When she was done she just …show more content…
She provided good evidence to support her good gross motor skills and also fine motor skills. Overall she was in a good average age group development. In her cognitive/ intellectual development she experience some disequilibrium when trying to practice her Spanish, which then she tried to accommodate to her new experience. She has difficulties when speaking with the past and the future, most of the times she spoke in present tense, which is normal for her age. She used symbolic play, when on her way to eat she started using her imagination to play. During my observation, Alyssa did not used private speech nor perspective taking to regulate her behavior. She did used language to regulate another children behavior when they were playing in the playground. When she started coexisting with the other children in the playground her behavior changed. She was shy at the beginning, but at the end she made friends and was not shy anymore. Alyssa has an Articulation Disorder, which means she mispronounce some of the letters. She is in the stage where no further attention is needed, since the letters she has problems pronunciating are the last letters to be mastered. There is evidence that she has learned some of the social rituals, for example “how are you?” “good or fine.” She seems to have a clear gender identity. She did not give any evidence of being an aggressive child. She did not give any evidence of