Essay on Family: Emotion and family

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No one is complete without a family. For me a strong foundation for any individual comes from being with a supportive family. And Family is where we all belong to. I know that today days, it may be really hard for the whole family to go out together. In the past I can thank God for being part of a blessed family is one among the greatest gifts that we get in life. Now I have no clue where my family is? Something I can never forget since I’m living in this country for like 2 years. It was in 2011 when I left my country to live here with my parent. I affronted some bad event on my life, something I never expect that can happen to me. For one example is very clear to explain the life I had before those last 2 years. Every time when my parent go in Haiti to visit, they life impress me very much in my imaginary. The way they act, talk, even how they dress affect set me up and all those items relate to me that my family, who are living in the United States, have a luxury life. But it doesn’t affect me to enjoy myself and have a great time with my family. Even though I come from on a poor country, I always have great time in level familial, economic, and social. We all know this facts, this country where we are living now the cultures is very different with others. When I first come here I saw everything was different, the social life, the education, and the communication is very popular. Since those 2 years I have success on plenty of thing like” have my high school diploma, attended college, and make many of friends. But I feel miss and loss something in my life and that was presence of my family. Every day I tend to have a perfect life similarly to the one I had in the past, and it one of most difficult someone can presume to have on this country. Even though someone have money to care itself, but it have something else that better than money. In level familial, it easy for white people to have a perfect family because this is their country. For us is very difficult to have a strong family base because everyone become dependent. In my case I learn to live by myself since 2 years, everyone is busy on his own way. We don’t collaborate and corporate in all each other; likewise, we don’t have a family. To be part of a happy family, one should always thank god for the blessing we have in life, as having a family who cares and love us is the biggest