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History of Family First Party
The Australian Family first part was originally founded in the year 2000 by Andre Evans, their first member of the legislative council. By 2002, Andrew Evans became elected as a part of the South Australian Parliament representing the Family first party and was in this position in time to contest in the that years state election. Once 2004 came, the leader of this party ad changed hands to Andrea Mason, the first ever Aboriginal woman to lead an Australian Political party. During this year the party ran for seats all over the nation whilst aiming to exchange preferences with the Australian Liberal Party. Steve Fielding was additionally elected to the senate during this year. Furthermore in 2008, Robert Brokenshire replaces Andrew Evans due to retirement in his seat in the South Australian Parliament.

What the Family First Party stands for

Family comes first
They family first party’s prioritized
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Due to increasing amounts of parents and guardians choosing schooling based on values that are important to their family, Family First is committed to private and public education being both adequately catered for with equipment and resources to provide the highest standard of education to the nation.

Importance of employment
The status of a large percentage of the population holding down a job or career is of extreme importance to the Family First Party. They believe that although workplace regulations take and protect those currently in the workforce, it prevents those who are unemployed from obtaining a job. By removing these barriers it will allow a larger percentage of the population to be able to afford their own property or living situation in addition to basic needs. This will allow all people to full-fill their life prosperously.

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