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Menu Analysis
Food and Beverage Administration

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2.0 INTRODUCTION 3 2.1 Restaurant Background 3

2.2 Justification for Menu Selection 3


3.1 What Makes an Effective Restaurant Menu? 4

3.2 SWOT Analysis for Charcoal Restaurant Menu 4

3.3 SWOT Analysis for the Padang’s Restaurant Menu 6
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• The meals are arranged in standard sets which do not allow flexibility. • Customers do not perceive the menu as “fine dining” standard.

3.3 The Padang - A photograph of The Padang’s menu is attached as Appendix B.
3.3.1 Strengths • The menu is well organized and the different meal categories are clearly identified. • The restaurant’s logo is prominently placed on the menu. • The design of the menu allows flexibility in revising the menu easily as the paper menu is easily removable from the leather board. • The leather board holding the paper menus reflects the fine dining restaurant image.

3.3.2 Weakness • The leather board could look worn out with time. • No illustrations or photographs of the menu items are displayed in the menu. • The menu looks cluttered as the description of the food and the prices are not properly aligned. • The descriptions of the items are not clear. • The abbreviations used are not explained. • The leather board is big and bulky and could be difficult to handle. • It may be a challenge for some to read as the entire menu is in Italics. • There is no differentiation between the meal category and item name as they are of same font size. • There are no colors and the name of the dish does not stand out, thus,