Essay on Family Poem

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Not all families are the same,
But the family members are to blame.

Some families are destructive,
Others are productive,

To the members within,
We all just want our family to grin,
But not all families can win.

They are on the ledge,
Of the breaking edge.

From the morning when they are waking,
They are faking,

The one big happy family image.
As the family scrimmage,

Relationships are on the brink of devastation.
Kids are involved in criminal conversation,

And the rate of youth crime is on the rise,
When their innocence dies,
Your only mother cries.

Alcohol and drug use,
Comes along with the abuse.

It’s a big problem in the community,
As they all miss the Uni opportunity.

Your health is affected,
When your family is rejected,

By the behaviors you have adopted,
From the friends you co-opted.

Teachers can see it in your school work,
You’re becoming a jerk.

You friends see it in your health,
When you start being stealth.

Being involved in to wrong crowd,
You forget what you initially vowed.

However a family is not all doom,
To appear a happy family you don’t need a costume.

Family has many definitions, As each family had different conditions.

A lot of families are caring,
Without fights flaring.

Social events bring families together,
When they laugh altogether,
It’s like they’re being tickled by a feather.

If your family members get along,
It’s a feeling that you belong.

Like in ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’,
Being a single parent is not