Family Values Essay

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hey have ‘chosen’ to be gay they have endowed themselves with these clear universal qualities; this being a stereotype registered by our current society. The author’s closing ideas concern the inner workings of a family, he states that in his experience it is the gay couples that are most happy. They have learned to toss aside all social expectation for a relationship, because they apparently fulfill none. All the while paying homage to the standardized family values which rejects them by their marriage. Family trust is what is breaking in America, children don’t care about their parents like they do in other cultures and we hide secrets out of fear of rejection by out families. The author closes again on a personal note again saying that he finally does walk through his parents’ door.
The Author makes some harsh and very realistic points in his essay. I personally feel that the observations made concerning the detachment that children and parents feel is very real in America. However looking to other cultures as a reference (i.e. Asians and Hispanics) is wrong in its approach to logic. Turning back to what the author was beginning to summarize midway through the essay about American culture being one that rejected authority and did things its own way from the very beginning; there is no way we could assimilate another cultures view of a family value system. I believe in some respects that the American family system is very progressive, its faults are more highlighted but that is only because of the open nature of our society. At one point the author was describing the story of his friend from Asia who came here and discovered his gay side. The author left that story on a low note saying that the young man expected the arrival of his family and he did not know what to do. Later he returned to the Asian understanding, saying that they are a very family oriented society and we envy them and their teamwork, which has paid off. The author both praises and refutes the asian cultural version of family in those two points. The families are more tightly knit, this is true, but it is an even bigger deal to disgrace a parent by acknowledging