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This is basically just continuing from the last chapter, I don’t know why but I quite liked it. Please keep reviewing, they make me update much faster! Sorry the 2nd half of this is crap.
Ps, this time tomorrow, Heather will be back on our screens. Keep calm and the excitement will go… Not.

I leant my head on Nikki’s shoulder whilst she worked, trying not to become too annoying as that was the last thing I wanted. I was shocking myself with this sudden change in attitude… A month ago I was a stony faced, no nonsense business woman, and now I felt like some loved up puppy. I still hadn’t decided if this was a good or bad thing, but I trusted Nikki, so I decided I’d go with good.
I felt Nikki’s lips on my hair, kissing me a few times before she returned to her work, sighing slightly, as if she wanted time to go faster. She wanted to go home. I didn’t really care what I was doing right now, as long as I was with her, because then I’m happy.
I was still questioning the way I felt… It was still scary to me, I’d never be good with my emotions. Nothing and no-one could change that, it was just how I’d been brought up. Friends, boyfriends, family… They all came and went whenever they felt like it, regardless of how I felt. Nobody was ever interested in me when I was just the plain girl in the schoolyard, trying to hopelessly sell mobile phone charms… But as soon as I’d started making money, people began showing much more interest. Old friends began contacting me, my family suddenly regarded me as their ‘favourite girl’, replacing Sonya, and I was always hounded by boys wanting to take me out. Nobody ever wanted to be with me, Lorraine, they just wanted to be with the money that was always rolling in. I soon learnt that the hard way, friends leaving after I’d brought them a gift or two, boyfriends rushing off after I’d refused to pay for the whole meal, family leaving when I didn’t buy them enough at Christmas. It ruined my trust, made me hate myself, seeing as nobody wanted to be around me for me. It taught me that emotions were bad, they were something that you should try and avoid at all costs. I used to let Sonya in, tell her how I felt, but then she ruined that by opening her big mouth to anybody that would listen. My own sister, telling the world about how much I hated myself, I hated it. I was starting to trust Sonya again now though, thanks to Nikki, she’d brought us much closer together. Always telling me that I should keep my family close, not to make enemies of them. I owed Nikki so much, and I was so glad I met her. I’d finally found someone who loved me for me, not for my money, and I had no intention of letting her go again anytime soon. I still felt as if I was in some sort of debt to Nikki for taking me back, where I had to prove to her that I wasn’t going to run away again, I wasn’t going to be a coward… And Grantly just gave me the perfect opportunity as he came barging into the PRU, not bothering to knock.
“Gallivanting during work hours are we, Miss Boston?” he asked, his usual sarcastic voice entering the classroom. I bit my lip and smiled, keeping my head down, wondering what Nikki would say.
“Afternoon to you too, Grantly” she responded, not looking up from the pile of work she was marking.
I still hadn’t removed my head from Nikki’s shoulder, and my hand was still holding hers. I knew it wasn’t ideal to be doing this in the school, but it was after hours, most people had gone home by now. I saw no obligation to move. I wanted to prove to Nikki that this didn’t bother me, which it didn’t, I guess. Lifting my head up, I looked over at Grantly, who raised an eyebrow when he saw me.
“Making yourself at home I see, Ms Donnegan.” He grunted, causing me to bite my lip so I wouldn’t laugh.
“This was once my school Mr Budgen, I can do what I want” I replied, sounding slightly snappier than I thought I would, proceeding to put my feet on the desk as to prove a point, feeling Nikki shake a little