Fang: Customer Service and Strong Brand Essay

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Sony success:strong brand name,substantial financial resources,excellent marketing skills,FMA in home VCRs approaching its success with the Walkman.

Success build FMA tend to dominate the product categories for many years. eg. Coca-Cola in soft drinks
Walkman is the first product in personal stereo(most successful consumer-electronic innovations o f our time).pioneered by Sony,its basic technical design remained unchanged for a decade. Sony captured 40% market share(thanks for its superior resources,e.g. design skills,marketing muscle and strong brand)

gradual pace of change in the technology makes it hard for later entrants to diff their products from those of the first entrants.

Complex projects simple rules yahoo-blue chip company,strategy-simple rule! Managers know that the greatest opp for CA lie in market confusion, so they jump into chaotic markets,find opp. They knew the need for simple rules to guide them from chaos(volatile market condition),b/c it can help them win against established competitors in fast-moving market in new economy

Priority rules: Intel 's resource allocation. At the extreme price volatility period, when Asian chip manufacturers were disrupting world markets with serve price cuts and accelerated technological improvements, Intel followed simple rule: Allocate manufacturing resources based on a product's profit margin.

What makes your process unique? e.g. Akamai has developed a focus on customer