Essay on Fast Food and Mcdonalds

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Working is a great trait that can be inherited or better yet learned. Having a job is rewarding in pay; sometimes in fellowship, but having jobs can be tiresome, and unchangeable. Depending on what level of education one may have, may determine where they work and how much money they may make. However, this statement could be false depending on what career one goes into. What is hard work? What defines hard work? What are the benefits and repercussion to hard work? There are many people around the world that shows that act of hard working, and what hard work is. The actions of hard work are working diligently and for long hours. Hard work is beneficial to the goals that one is reaching and trying to achieve. Furthermore the character of hard working will take you anywhere that you desire to go because the mentality of working hard is instilled.
The situation on hand is working at McDonalds. Generally speaking McDonalds can have its positives and negatives as any job would have. Situations are the same at hand as in if it was a career. At McDonald’s, situations are opt to occur such as, short drawers, technical, difficulties with machinery, customers unsatisfactory, arguments and complaints from employees and employers. Anything can possibly occur, when working at McDonalds. McDonalds is worldwide known and it attracts different races, appetites and cultures. This can result in marvelous transaction or terrible tractions or in between. Working at McDonalds has it roller coaster moments, and here’s why. McDonald is not a healthy fast food restaurant. Certainly there are some healthy items on the menu but it not it’s not a nutrition restaurant. Recalling an episode that took place at work one night was unsatisfied customer who didn’t agree with the price lists neither the calories that was listed on the menu. The customer wasn’t the regular jolly or plain customer but she was unique. The customer invited herself into to McDonalds as any customers to