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Nicole Johnson
Ms. Cullinan
English 101 3009
September 17, 2014
“Would You Like That Supersized?” After everyone is home from work, many families discuss what they want for dinner. One Friday evening, my daughter, Fiancé, and I sat around wondering the same thing. That is when I realized the first thing that came to mind was fast food. One popular American food chain icon is McDonalds. Many people associate Americans with fast food restaurants, with one of the biggest icons being McDonalds. According to the CDC, During 2007-2010, adults consumed an average of 11.3% of their total daily calories from fast food. McDonalds Corporation has advertisement everywhere you turn. Even though it is sometimes gone unnoticed, people’s lives revolve around food. It is a hundred billion dollar business, Americans spend more money on fast food then they spend on any other type of entertainment. Fast food corporations attract customers by advertising, convenience and price, but the end result has lead to obesity. Have you ever wondered how colors affect your appetite? Well, McDonalds is the biggest fast food chain; therefore they do not need a lot of direct advertisement. One form of advertisement, that may not often be noticed, is the way they choose their colors. Psychologists have studied the effect of color for many years. Its affect on a person’s subconscious varies from society to society. As Joey lewitin stated in his article. “ Orange is a color that is heavily associated with eating, overeating, and feeling full.” When red and yellow are mixed together it makes orange. Therefore, McDonalds’ color scheme help assist them in getting their customers to stay and eat more. If a corporation trying to trick your appetite is not enough, that leads me to fast food being convenient. I know that I am guilty of eating fast food. With the increasing stress and life demands, fast food has become a significant part of our society. What is more convenient then going somewhere to get food that is cheap? With McDonalds’ dollar menu, it can be even cheaper then cooking at home. They have made it even easier for us Americans by adding a drive through. Now we have the convenience of not having to move out of our seat in order to get food. Not only is it convenient for us adults but they also provide entertainment for children. It began with big play structures and now has lead to some McDonalds having Xbox’s. Statistics show that McDonalds distributes more toys per year then Toys R Us. With your children entertained, it makes eating more enjoyable for both the adults and children. In turn, the instant gratification of fast easy takeout has led to the American obesity epidemic. With American’s love for fast food, obesity