Fast Food Resturants

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Ban fast food resturants

Fast food is tasty to some people, but is disgusting to others. It's fine how people see fast food, but Fast food resturants is the main source for many terrible thing children, teens, adults, and elders suffer from. Just think about all those children, teens, adults, elders, eating fast food. The point is children at a young age need to learn more about food choices besides just giving them a dumb pyramid showing them food groups.That doesnt help them in any way in my option. They can become obese, suffer from health condition, and not making healthy food choices.

Firstly, we should have fast food resturants banned to benifit society everywhere, because the obesity rate in North America is quiet high. If the nation wants to decrease the obesity rate and change the world around, I think that they should tackle down fast food resturants. fast food resturants is the main source why obesity is happening. Now it's not only fast food resturants, it can be lack of physical exercise, but fast food contains loads of salt, sodium, sugar, fat, oil. Those are all factors of gaining weight/fat. To much of it will cause obesity sooner or later. If fast food resturants aren't ban they can possibly make their way into the poor countries. If that happens, they might lower their price there to sell more and cause the people in that country to become obese. With a chance of the whole world becoming obese, is that a world you'd like to live in? If fast food resturants keep growing it will ruin Canada,United States of America, and China. They produce many goods that is used all over the world, fast food can ruin that. Obesity can and will kill the population.

Yet another reason why, fast food restaurants should be banned, is the human being health condition. The human body can suffer from lots of medical issues just from eating fast food. These medical issues such as asthma has symptoms such as shortness of breath airflow obstruction, and chest tighness. As of 2011, 235–300 million people were effected gobally, including about 250,000 deaths. Another medical isuess is Eczema, Eczema has a range of skin conditon. These include dry skin and recurring skin rashes that are characterized by one or more of these symptoms: redness, swelling, itching and dryness, crusting, flaking, listering, cracking, oozing, or bleeding and could possibly enlarge the rash itself. With fast food out the human being lives they will be more active, because they will not be tempted for the bad nutrients, fat, salt, sodium, sugar, and bad carbs instead they will be eating healthy food which gives protein, nutriets, good carbs, and energy to the human body. Yes fast food does give energy to the human body, but it is not the same energy, because the energy you obtain from fast food will make you even more fatigued and lack the proper energy you need, where if you were to eat a sandwich (containing wheat,meat,grains, vegatables, and dairy ) instead of a hamburger from McDonald which does contain wheat, meat, grains, vegatables, and dairy, but it also contains oil, fat, salt, and sodium. You see the difference in the two sandwiches. Without fast food and the medical issues it is possibly the human being could even live a year or two longer because they may not have asthma, suffer from strokes, heartattacks, and being obese.

Lastly, if fast food restaurants were to be banned, the children and future children will most likely have a better life, because they won't grow up with fast food. Therefore, they will be making better choices about what they should eat. Yes, you can still make your own fries and burger, but theres a high