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Smart Technology The latest technological wonder to shift into our lives is the avid smart car. The smart car, also named the micro mini or just smart is built in Germany by Mercedes-Benz and has sped through Europe like a mega wave of a monsoon. You and I had almost a whiplash turning our head to see this little charming car that seats only two passengers and comes in very vibrant colors such as metallic silver, candy apple red and neon green, just to name a few to get your taste buds whirling. Smart technology offers hands-free mobile communication, stress-free assistance with parking, an on board global positioning satellite (G.P.S.) to help navigate to your destination.
In today’s society, more people are turning to the smart car and hopefully in the near outlook everyone will own a piece of the future. New technology creates new skills for new jobs which are in the article of,” Social Networking Benefits Validated” by Karen Goldberg Goff who explains that, “studies show new technology is going to encourage skills for jobs we didn’t know existed.” You can get the smart app for your iPhone and dock it to the dash console which integrates to your iPhone. You get hand-free calling, iPod music playback, web radio streaming and a simple where am I map function. There will be an upgrade or the upgrade might already be installed in the new 2014 models where you have a turn by turn navigation system.
The smart car has many other impressive features to make it the micro mini wonder. It has on board stress free automatic parallel parking. The car will park itself automatically without even touching the steering wheel. This feature is wonderful if you are too stressed to try and parallel park or maybe the parking space is too narrow to park in but the smart car will take care of that. The steering wheel gearshift enables your fingertips to steer this amazing smart car. It also has in its dash console the amazing rear-view mirror video where you can see the back end of the car from the front end console without even turning your head. Another feature the smart car has is a built in sensor to detect anyone or anything that is approaching the vehicle within two feet before impact which will then sound an alarm with a quick couple of beeps to get your attention to steer off the opposite way from the object to avoid any collision or impact. In an interview on with an actual owner of a smart car says that, “He loves his smart car and that it is very economical to drive in the city getting 34 miles per gallon on the street verses 41 miles per gallons on the freeways if you must drive on it but also the ladies love my smart car.” The smart electric drive allows smart car owners to not completely rely on gas and save at the pump.
The good qualities of the smart car have been discussed; now let us see what the downsides of this micro mini sensation are. When this vehicle was manufactures, they did not have in mind taking it across the country on trips and even riding safely on the highways. For the people that travel from the suburbs and head back to city downtown, this might be a big concern for transportation because it starts to shake in relatively high speeds of 75 to 80 m.p.h. So on that point, this micro mini would not be sufficient for the everyday commuter who has to travel back and forth from the suburbs to the city and back. Smart cars are not very safe if you are struck from the rear end because the design of the vehicle has the seating almost to the back of the car. While the smart car has the tridion frame to protect the passengers it only protects from side to side impact according to Adrian Lund of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. Many car manufacturers say they have the best and safest car design which makes their car the safest to drive but I would not put my life savings on that comment.
Let us not jump out of