Cursive Technology

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Technology seems to be moving faster than ever in today's society. There's actual fingerprint and facial recognition software- we are living in the future! That being said, many people argue that just because we're moving forward, doesn't mean we should leave some things in the past- such as cursive writing. It can be a controversial subject, especially since our world does not solely rely on either computers or paper. One of the main arguments is that when we write in cursive, it stimulates our brain. That may be true, but technology also has ways of, stimulating our brain, such as electronic puzzles. Learning cursive can be tedious, time consuming, and frustrating. Our children would be better off learning something with factual value in school. Why should they learn an ancient writing technique when we could be teaching them about science and medicine? By the time those children are grown, it is almost definite that our world will rely solely on technology for even the simplest of tasks. …show more content…
Is our society afraid of how fast technology is moving? Should we be afraid? I do not see any reason to be afraid of technology moving forward. You can use the argument that signatures can provide "real" and physical verification, but that is highly invalid. Any paper trail can be shredded, burned, even literally flushed down the toilet. With computers- thanks to use of cookies, clouds, and data signals- nothing is ever truly lost. If someone hacked into your bank account, with little digging the police could track down their IP address and arrest them. So truly, electronic personal verification is the safer