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Fear & Favor In The Newsroom Report The film Fear and Favor in the Newsroom, is a short film about how the media restrict news. The media is owned by wealthy people and big corporations. Some news stories go against the interest of the owners and companies. Companies will find a way to control news that opposed to their self interest in the media. This is called “Ownership filter”. A good example of this given in the film, when Bill Kovach,the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, was printing stories that where making a lot of readers angry, and making businesses look bad. He covered a story about how Coca-Cola, was under criminal investigation. That was a big problem, because Anne Cox Chambers, was one of the owners of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and also was on the board of Coca-Cola. Short after that, Bill Kovach, resigned. The real reason why he resigned was unknown. After Kovach resigned, Atlanta Journal-Constitution was publishing stories that paid less attention to powerful companies. That is the power of ownership filter. The mass amount of newspaper money comes from advertisement. To be exact 75% of income comes from advertisement, and broadcast it's 100%. Advertisement filter, is when news publication have to catch advertisers attention so that the stories interest the costumer to buy. For example, furious Auto Dealers remove their ads from Mercury news, because they published a story portraying them as dishonest profiteers, which lead them to remove 52 pages of ads. When Mercury-News realized how publishing that story affected their income,they published on its own a full page ad in their paper to encourage readers to continue to buy cars from factory-authorized dealers. By them creating that ad, a majority of dealers returned and continued to advertised from them. If newspapers don't have advertisement, it can increases the prices of their papers. The meaning of demographics advertising, is when advertisers divide the customers into groups based on gender, income, age, education, occuption, and many other factors. This helps advertisers target costumers who will buy whatever they are selling. For example, in the film New York Times, were ignoring the lower half of their community in news that concerend them. They were just getting a couple of stories but nothing mayor because that was bad for demorgrphics of