Fear: Salem Witch Trials and Evil Spirits Essay

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Fear has been used for centuries it has been used to control and manipulate people, it also plays with peoples mind and human beings would sacrifice anything to keep that fear away them like in Arthur Millers “The Crucible” fear was used as a way to gain power, control and make sacrifices. Hitler also used the method of fear, in 1933 when he was the chancellor of Germany he put the jewish race into fear and had them in control during the Holocaust. Religion is also driven by fear by the belief of hell.

To begin in “The Crucible” during the Salem witch trials everyone is feared by death, the witches, evil spirits and most importantly being accused. Abigail Williams was motivated by fear where she was afraid of being punished for what she had done so she redirected the suspicion towards others like she accused she said “I want to be free I want to be with Jesus i saw the devil i wrote in his book but i want to be with Jesus i kiss his hand” she lied to keep herself safe then she accused Proctors wife and others and said they were possessed by the devil. Another character that was motivated by fear is Proctor, he feared for his wife’s life he was so feared that he gave his good reputation and name but he didn’t sign his name for confession because he feared what god and others thought about him and he also didn’t want to live in hell in the after life. Danforth was driven by fear as well he feared witches but during the trials he was denying all evidence he got so into finding all the witches that he was denying all the arguments from Proctor. Hale was fearing the same thing as Danforth the witches and he was the one that accused them all but during he trials he knew that innocent people were being accused and he noticed that abigail was lying and he knew if the innocent people were accused to false testimony and were to die it would be his fault and he couldn’t live with himself.

In 1933 during the holocaust Hitler was using fear against the jewish race and had them under control and had them fearing for death. But Hitler feared that the jewish race was going to take over so he manipulated everyone and told the people al there economic problems are because of the jewish race and also said “jews are rats” and wanted the Aryan race to be supreme and wanted all the other people not