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Makeup is hugely versatile, not only in terms of colors and products, but also in terms of how it is worn. While some wear make-up to create a large and dramatic appearance, others will wear make-up more subtly. Make-up can be worn in a wide variety of situations, ranging from work, events, nights out, and even just round the house if you so desire. As a result of such diversity, the make-up industry is massive, meaning that everybody should be able to find products that they would want to wear and be seen sporting. The use of cosmetics is not latest trend, it has its roots deep within the annals of history, the cosmetic industry, which started glowing in the early 1990s, is expanding
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Mascara. It is a type of cosmetic applied to the eyelashes. It serves to thicken and define the eyelashes and may also color, lengthen, or curl them, depending upon the type. It’s usually sold as a liquid cosmetic in a tube and applied with a round brush called a wand.
Moisturizers. It is a complex mixtures of chemical agents specially designed to make the external layers of the skin to make it softer and smooth.
Primer. It is a cream or lotion applied before another cosmetic to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time the cosmetic lasts on the face.
Unguent. It is a salve for soothing or healing; an ointment, lotion, cream or balm.
Vanity. It is inflated pride in oneself or one's appearance: conceit, such as a vain person.


This chapter presents some literature and studies which are relevant to the present and provided the researchers some insight that helped in accomplishing this study.

Foreign Literature The origin of make-up dates back to 3100 BC, during the 1st Egyptian Dynasty. Unguent, a substance used to prevent the skin from drying up due to heat and to avoid wrinkles, was extensively used by people of both genders during that era. The women of Egypt were known to apply kohl to their eyes to give them a smoky look. Antimony or soot was usually used to make kohl. The use of cosmetics and make up was found among Romans also. They grew popular approximately around