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25 October 2012

The printer hummed in the back of the classroom as Pete Sanchez wracked his brain for interesting facts about himself. After a few minutes of being aimlessly questioned, he opened his computer and began to distract himself from the uncomfortable silence that haunted the room.
“Oh yeah I’m on the LSU Club Baseball Team!” Sanchez exclaimed as he minimized his Internet window, revealing a picture of his team. Amazed that he had forgotten such an important fact, Sanchez, a 19 year old from San Antonio, Texas, hesitantly began to tell his story about what it was like to be the third baseman for the first-ever LSU Club Baseball Team.
He nervously tapped his pencil on the desk in front of him as he told of the struggles that his new team faced. Much like any new organization, this inaugural team lacked basic connections, resources, and equipment, Sanchez said.
“We don’t have a coach yet. We can’t afford to pay one like the other club teams, so the freshman coach from Catholic High School has stepped in as interim.” Sanchez explained.
The team has also been using Port Allen High School as a place to practice and play its scrimmages. Although he said the commute across the bridge was sometimes a pain with the traffic that plagued the Baton Rouge area, Sanchez agreed it was nice to have a place that he could call home field. The team hasn’t begun their regular season yet, Sanchez explained, but him and many of his other teammates have been attending the optional practices held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings at PAHS.
Sanchez has also played in two tournaments against Tulane and the University of Texas that have given him an idea of what the games will be like and shown him the