February 14, 2009 Essay

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February 14th 2009 would change my life forever. I woke up on February 15th expecting everything to be normal, I came upstairs and I heard my mom calling my name. As I started heading for her room I knew something was wrong, I went into her room I immediately asked her, “Where’s dad?” I got no response. I asked again once more a little more frustrated. This time she said, “He’s with Jesus.” In that moment I was lost and confused, “What do you mean he’s with Jesus?” It took her a while to get her thoughts together, she replied with “Your father had a stroke last night, he’s in heaven.” I screamed as tears started falling from my eyes I was so angry, I wanted to be angry at my mom but I knew she didn’t do anything wrong. After I had calmed down enough I asked her what happened this is what she told me. “Last night I was brushing my teeth and I told your father I was going to check Kevin’s temperature, he made this loud snore noise and I thought he was joking around. I called his name a few times but he did not reply, I went over to him and lifted up his eyelid, like they do in movies, but his eyes were rolled back. I called Nasreen (a nurse) I told her what had happened, she called 911. I was yelling his name and that’s when Kevin came upstairs he got on the phone with 911 and they instructed him to perform CPR. When the EMT’s came they tried everything possible, but it was too late, they said he had a massive stroke and his heart stopped when he made that loud snore noise.” I wasn’t sure what to do it felt as if my whole world came crashing down on me. Everything in that moment felt so fake, I felt like I was supposed to wake up at any moment. Memories from the night before made me feel that I could have done something to stop it. Why me, I’m only ten years old? Couldn’t I have done something to stop it? Why didn’t I at least…